Paid Service for Webmasters

FREE (low traffic only)
With ads
2x 10gbps servers (Public) *
No Api Support
Default player
Basic Support
Pro* 100-400 realtime users
no ads
2x 10gbps servers (Premium Public)
With Api Support Your own player (Hosted from us)
Premium Support
99$ monthly
Business 400-1000 realtime users
your ads
10gbps servers (Dedicated to you only)
Api Support (Get Link)
Your Fully Customized Player
24x7 Dedicated Support
$599 monthly
Enterprise 1000-10000 realtime users
your ads
(2|4|6|8) x 10gbps servers (Dedicated to you only) Api Support (Get Link)
Your Fully Customized Player
24x7 Dedicated Support Contact Us

We Accept Paypal payments only, the payment should be send as family option only.

The traffic Limit on Each plan should be followed, if you try to cheat us and give fake info about your traffic, we will suspend your api/embed key/account without prior notice.

* Free Users are only allowed up to 300 real time users, if you have more please consider geting a PRO, or Business Account

* if you buy a Pro Service your Streaming will be faster than Public servers

For Business And Enterprise Plan. your streaming will be faster than Free and Pro Services, since you are the only one using it!, you can customize your own player , put ads , get an API link and many more features.

Our Server is hosted on 10gbps Located on Los Angeles. All SSD Drives Dual 8 Core Servers to handle big traffic.

Since we are in BETA state , bugs and problem will be there. so please contact me at renzuken 08


why is this service is expensive? - we are using our own bandwidth to provide you unlimited stream from googledrive

What is Proxy?? - We are Proxying google drive videos to serve unlimited streaming for you, and without any problems on google updates

Can we lowered price? - Definitely yes! for Pro plan only, but it is limited to your traffic, deduction for prices will be depends how much traffic you have

How long your service will be remain ? why theres a free plan if its expensive? - we will remain here as long as no Stable API for google drive, we put ads on free players so it should cover the amount for the server.

What kind of API do you have? - API formats depends on how your script grab the links, if its normal JSON we have it, if its for JW player we also have and the same with Videojs. other platform and players are supported too.

How you guaranteed there will be no problem on GoogleDrive updates? - We are guaranteed that our service will remain alive on all Google drive updates, it is one of our Features :)